Friday, 24 April 2015

Clothing Haul - Mr Price

Hello, ever since I started working, I realized I had nothing suitable to wear to work since most of my suitable clothings are black and white. The reason behind this is that, in Nigeria, as a law student you're required to wear black and white as a form of uniform. Five years later, you can imagine the amount of black and white shirts I have acquired.

Now that I'm working, I don't find it comfortable wearing white shirt to work. It gets boring and then you have to be super conscious. Besides, I'm signed up for some professional classes, so I have to shuffle from work to school and then back. The point behind all these ramblings is that I had to shop for a new wardrobe. I initially bought some things online from Amazon UK and Asos UK, but these will take 1 to 2months to get to me here in Nigeria, so I decided to pop into my local Mr Price to get a few blouses to while me for the main time.

1. This 4-pack bracelets caught my eyes and I decided they'd be suitable for everyday wearing.
2. I got this maroon top on sale, it was super cheap. It's long sleeved, with gold detailed buttons in front.
3. This shirt is my favorite item from this haul, it's long sleeved but sheer.
4. This polka dot blouse is the same as item 2, only it wasn't on sale. I've worn this a couple of times already.
5. I love these flowery blouse. I've worn these already too. It's sheer at the back, and so I have to wear camisole under it. It sits well on my body and I absolutely love it.
6. This is a navy blue peasant blouse. I love this top because it's quite forgiving especially in my stomach area.
7. I saw this pack of ring on my way to the till. It's so cheap for the amount of rings in a pack. The amazing thing was that it fits my chubby fingers!! I would have gotten it even if it was thrice the price, because its so frustrating finding rings that will sit comfortably on my fingers without my fingers looking like hotdogs. ha!
8. I had to get this maxi skirt. I've been looking around for something flowy and long that I can wear to the supermarket or for running errands. It was a bit pricey and so I decided to get it in black since it's a versatile colour.
9. I've been looking for a plain black slim-fitting top to wear with my a-line skirts. I saw these first online, but decided to go into the store so I can be able to feel the quality of the material. Well, the quality was amazing and so I got it and besides, it was cheap.

In all, I love all what I got and the quality is so good compared to the prices. If you live in Nigeria, here's a link to their online store Mr Price

Have you guys got any recent haul post, you can put a link down below and I will check it out x
Thanks for reading!

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