Monday, 13 July 2015

High Street Beauty Brand 1 - Primark

Lately, I've been seeing more high street brands branching into makeup and not the generic nail polish, hand creams, pocket mirrors or makeup bags. This makes my heart sing as I love that there are now more affordable makeup with reasonable quality out there.

The first brand in my series is Primark as I actually do have their beauty products. I've been hearing great reviews about their beauty collection (which by the way is P.S. Beauty), which means they really put a lot of efforts into competing with drugstore brands.

From the little collection I have from P.S. Beauty, I can say that Primark is trying and a lot of people out there agree with me. Their mascaras and eyeliner are so good and the black stays black, and not fading into grey. The eyeshadow is quite pigmented consisting of both matte and shimmering colours. The only product I have a problem with is the Lipstick, it can be quite chalky and difficult to apply. It's only £1 though so no qualms!

All products shown in the picture are from Prinark, what's your favourite product from them? Personally, I'll go with their eyeliner and it's such a great value as you'll get two in a pack for £1 and it comes with a sharpener. 

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  1. I don't tend to look in the beauty section in Primark as last time I heard the products weren't so good, but it sounds like they've improved massively! I'll have to check them out! x


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