Monday, 6 July 2015


Giambattista Valli is an Italian  fashion designer. He is from Rome, Italy.It seems that Giambattista Valli has a thing for flowers because even his collection with M.A.C has a form of roses, fuchsia and cherry blossom. His designs usually have a flowery theme. 

I absolutely love the packaging details of this collection. It comes in the unique bullet shape M.A.C lipsticks are known for only that each lipstick in this collection  has a matching outer tube with the shade of lipstick. The advantage is that it can easily be spotted in one's bag.

This is his first makeup collection, but it's already popular among beauty gurus. The only disadvantage about some of these shades are that they are quite similar to some original M.A.C lipsticks. Well, at least someone like me do not have to worry about the collection selling out. I can simply get a similar shade in the permanent collections.

Courtesy @lipstickjunkieforever

The collection launches today July 6, what shade would you like to get? There is Bianca B, Charlotte, Eugenie, Magherita and Tats. My eyes are definitely on Eugenie, I absolutely love how dark it is. Fortunately it's quite similar to M.A.C's Diva, Dark Side and Media so I'm good for now.

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