Friday, 17 July 2015

Two Weeks Fitness Challenge

Hello guys! As noted, on Monday, I'll be starting a fitness challenge which will run for two weeks. These past months, I've been researching thoroughly on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle without my purse suffering and after so many trials and errors, I finally found one that worked for me. Understandably, what works for a person, will not work for another, but I tried these with some friends and we all got roughly the same results.

The two weeks challenge is meant to booster weight loss and so be ready to loose at least 8kg in the first two weeks as long as you stick to it like glue! The challenge is not easy at all which is why I want a lot of  people to join so that we can all motivate ourselves. See my post here on why support system is extremely important. There are times when you will want to give up and wonder if it is all worth it, but then when we all surround ourselves, we will be to motivate each other, tell success stories, share our ups and downs and so on.

The Instagram channel to follow is  hadedeevah_lifestyle and the hashtag we will all be using to pass across updates is #hadedeevahfitfam. On my Instagram I'll be updating regularly about meal plans, tips, reminders and motivational quotes. I will also be re-posting each others pictures. So, for those of us who are not regular instagrammers, for this two weeks challenge let us all come together for the same purpose, to be Fit and Healthy.

As mentioned earlier, I painstakingly made sure that the meal prices were relatively cheap and suitable for student budgets. Tomorrow morning, by 8am, I'll upload the shopping list which will be enough for the first week.

The amazing thing about the first week of the challenge is that there is no exercise required. Why? This is because during that first week your body naturally will be on withdrawal (I'll advice that you cut out any white carbs from your diet with immediate effect to help you transition in time for Monday!). So, at times you might feel weak and a bit temperamental. Simply imagine how smokers and drug addicts feel when they are trying to cut back also, research as even shown that white carbs can be just as addictive.

Of course after the first two weeks you'll then have to follow a regulated lifestyle. This is not a diet, this two weeks is just to help you jumpstart your new lifestyle. If you stop, the weight you've worked hard to eliminate will bounce back. This will be discussed more towards the end of the challenge.

Please remember to share this with any one who might benefit from this, as always, the more the merrier! Follow my Instagram, hadedeevah_lifestyle which will utterly be dedicated to we all achieving our goals. The hashtag for this challenge will be #hadedeevahfitfam. If you're going to be doing this challenge, comment below this picture over at hadedeevah_lifestyle so I can follow and stalk you. If a friend will not be able to participate through Instagram let me know in the comment down below or through any other of my social networks.

See you all tomorrow morning by 8am, when I'll post about the shopping list required and remember to search for my new BBM channel "Hadedeevah's Fitness Challenge" xx

Disclaimer : I am not a fitness consultant, I simply want to share my experience and knowledge. Please consult a doctor if you're on any kind of treatment.

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