Sunday, 9 August 2015

Back To School - Dorm/Hostel Essentials #1

Hey guys!! Since this is the period when students move back to school or start a new school, I decided to share with you absolutely necessary items you will need in a dormitory. I'm also going to be starting in a new school later this year (Law School), and so I realised how essential this post is for you and for me. This is going to be in a series as there are a lot of items I want to share with you.

(Note that the links redirect you to the Amazon US site, because that's where most of my readers are from and NO, it's not an affiliate link)


1) 2 sets of Bed Sheets here

2) Blankets here

3) Comforter Sets here

4) Mattress Topper here

5) Pillowcases here (Although it comes with bed sheets usually)

6) Pillows here

7) Decorative Throw Pillows here

8) Sleep Mask here

9) Under Bed Storage here

So, that's all for beddings. Next post will be about Desk essentials. Laters xx


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