Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Back To School - Dorm/Hostel Essentials #2

Hey guys, so in this post I'll be sharing my desk essentials and Important Infos you do not want to forget at home. You can checkout the previous post on this series here. So lets get right into it!


1) Calendar here

2) Academic Planner here

3) White Board Organizer here

4) Desk Lamp here

5) Pens & Pencils including Pencil cups here

6) Highlighters here

7) Permanent Markers here

8) Scissors here

9) Stapler here

10) Scotch Tape here

11) 3-Hole Punch here

12) Trash Can (it might be provided) here

13) Command Hooks here


1) Driver's License
2) Student ID
3) Bank Information
4) Credit/Debit Cards
5) Social Security #
6) Insurance

So, that's all for this post. In the following series, I'll be sharing Tech, Bathroom, Health, Kitchen, Cleaning, Laundry and Miscellaneous Essentials...Laters xx

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