Friday, 18 March 2016

Amrezy Inspired Look - How To Get Her Lips For Less

Hey guys! It's been a minute. First of all, my blog, Hadedeevah Lifestyle is a year old. The anniversary was actually on the 16th of March. To celebrate I decided to do a look inspired by one of my favourite beauty gurus, Amrezy Olevic #ReezyRiders. The look I recreated was actually inspired by her recent snapchat stories. Amrezy and her bae are currently on vacation in Mexico and so the makeup looks she has been rocking are what I can describe as "dewy nude". Her lips have especially been to die for and I just had to recreate something similar. 

In this post, I'm going to be sharing how to get her glossy lips. To get her lips, you'll need just three items. 1) A medium stippling brush 2) Concealer 3) A clear lipgloss and maybe 4) A nude lip liner {if you need to define and plump your lips}.

The first step is that while you are applying concealer round the corners of your mouth, use the stippling brush to apply concealer over your lips until the lips are blended with your skin tone. This step is very important as it will help minimise the lines and wrinkles on the lips. 

The second step is to take a nude lip liner quite similar to your skin tone. I don't need one because my lips are quite plump, likewise Amrezy since she has done lip injections, so if your lips are on the smaller side, you might need to define your lip line and contour a bit with the lip liner.

The third and final step is to apply any clear lipgloss generously over your lips. Any lipgloss will do as long as it's not the sticky kind. The one I used is just £1 from Natural Collection and it's now my favourite .  

So, let me know if you'll be recreating this look in the comments down below. xx P.S y'll need to follow her snapchat stories, they give me life,


  1. You're so pretty and great makeup ^^

    Sarah xx

  2. Most definitely gonna recreate this. Lovely post dear. Congrats on ur blogiversary. Whoop whoop!

  3. are you kidding me!!...i have to try this.


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