Sunday, 8 May 2016

The £1 Liquid Eyeliner - Review

Hey guys! Today, I'm sharing a mini review on this Liquid Eyeliner by Primark Beauty. Before, I talk about the eyeliner, let me share with you how I laid my hands on this little beauty. 

So, this eyeliner was gifted to me by a classmate. She sits across from me in class and every time I see her, the first thing I notice is her cat-eyes. Her eyeliner is always winged to perfection. Towards the end of the term, she moved her sitting position to beside me and of course the first real conversation I had with her was to ask her what brand her eyeliner was. When she told me it was from Primark and just a pound, I was astonished. She offered to bring one for me so I can see how it looks, only for her to gift it to me!! That ends my story, now on to the review.

Before writing this review, I did a little research online to see how others rate this product, and every person who has used it rated it excellent, some even say that this is the best beauty product from Primark. So, I'm going to talk about three things; application, staying power and content. 

Application- From the picture above you can see the wand's kind of slim, while the brush at the end is even slimmer. This actually helps with the application so that when you're pressing on your eyelid, only a thin line goes on which helps if you're a beginner like me and so you can build up the line to your personal preference. Rating 4/5 

Staying Power- The blackness actually does not fade, which I'm totally impressed with. With other eyeliners, the black fades into grey which is kind of annoying. The eyeliner lasts all day so for that I'll rate it 4.5/5

Content- The product is just 4ml, which I can't complain about since it's just a pound. Noticed that other liquid eyeliners in this form are also usually 4ml the same way liquid foundations are usually 30ml. Rating 5/5

Verdict- I'm sure you can guess what my verdict is. As soon as I get an opportunity I'm definitely going to stock up on this. Beauty stores need to get on this and actually stock up on this. 

That's all for now, and thank you to GracelleLondon for the eyeliner (I'm sure you can tell how much I appreciate it lol). Till my next blog post xx.

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