Monday, 20 June 2016

Feature - Titi Talks Tv


Hey guys meet Titi of 'Titi Talks Tv'. She's new in the Blogosphere and Vlogosphere, she actually
just started her YouTube channel in May of this year. When she asked me to feature her on my blog, i did a little snooping on her youtube channel and her instagram page and I liked what I saw. I personally love her style and hope in the near future she also starts her own blog based on fashion.

As at now, her YouTube is mainly beauty and lifestyle. I of course asked her why she started her channel and here's what she had to say ; "I started my YouTube channel in May 2016. I've been into makeup since my final year in high-school (2013) and my interest increased when I got into University and it had been increasing more ever since, which motivated me to start my channel. Plus my friends said it would be a good idea since I was interested in it and I have a passion for it." 

Below is one of my favourite videos from her!

So guys, don't forget to check out her channel here and please do Subscribe!

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