Saturday, 16 July 2016

World Duty Free Haul and Mini Reviews

Hey guys! I have another haul to share with you. This is a World Duty Free Edition. My parents
having accepted the fact that their daughter is a makeup-junkie, kindly make it a point to get me makeup stuffs from the Airport.  So as a true child of my parents, I use opportunities like these to check off items on my wish-list. I know that high-end products can be quite expensive especially when converted into Naira and so I'm really grateful for all these.

URBAN DECAY DE-SLICK MAKEUP SETTING SPRAY - I've been wanting to try this out as my face is super oily and I'm always on the lookout for something that would act as a barrier between the sun and my face. I'm still on the fence about this spray, but one thing I can say for sure its that the spray helps keep my makeup last all day. At the end of a day, my face still looks like I just finished applying my makeup. As to the oily face issue, I've not been in a situation yet that'll make me walk around with a full face of makeup on. Maybe when I'm back in the Abuja sun, I'll be able to give a full review.

MAC EYEBROW PEN IN "STUD"- I've had two of this pen and I'll definitely always repurchase it. This pen is perfect for my kind of eyebrows as they are quite full and so as long as I trim them every couple of weeks, I can simply use the pen to define the tail end of my brows and darken the whole of my eyebrow. 

MAC LIPSTICKS IN "STONE" & "TAUPE"- I'm into nude lips lately and so I decided to add some matte nudes in my collection. Taupe is now my favourite lipstick and it goes with any look. It applies best with a nude lip liner. Stone on the other hand as the name implies looks like the colour of a stone upon application. It's a greyish cold-toned colour and so because I'm warm-toned, it sometimes looks kinda off on my skin. So, to make it work, I go for greys on my eyes to match the lipstick.

URBAN DECAY LIPSTICK IN "LIAR"- Another gorgeous nude, only that with this, I absolutely have to wear a brown lip liner. Unlike Mac's Taupe which is matte, this lipstick is glossy and so is perfect for days when I want my face to look extra popping lol. 

MAC MINERALIZE NATURAL SKINFINNISH IN "DEEP DARK"- This powder is the truth! I used to have one of this, but it fell and shattered into pieces along with my heart. Of course I tried to resuscitate the pieces, but it was never quite the same so, I decided to get another one. This powder leaves your face flawless, I mean I had a little girl walk up to me to feel my face because it was literally flawless. Even my mum had to comment that my face was looking extra peng! 

NARS ALL DAY LUMINIOUS WEIGHTLESS FOUNDATION IN "BENARES"- This foundation is exactly what it states it to be. It's applies so weightless that the first time I used it, I kept on adding more and more product to my face. Nars states that only one pump is needed for full coverage which is actually true, although I use two pumps, one on each side of my face. Upon application, it's like I have nothing on my face which is so good for this Nigerian weather as sometimes, the sun and the heat makes my face feel quite greasy.   

That's all for now! I'll really like to know which of these are you tempted to try OR which of these have you tried before? 

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