Monday, 8 May 2017

Study Abroad #1 - Applying To Universities.

Hello guys, I decided to start up a new series detailing my journey to studying abroad. I will be starting my master’s degree in September 2017 and I thought it nice to blog my experience studying and living in the abroad. I normally go abroad for vacations and spend between a week to a month while there, but this will be the first time I leave my home country to go live somewhere else. I am going to enjoy sharing my experiences living abroad with you.

Monday, 10 April 2017

MAC Prolongwear Concealer Review

It's no secret that I love MAC products. Overtime I've found out products I actually do like each and every product I have gotten from them and so I was really excited to buy this. I bought this concealer with the idea to use it for highlighting, but the lady at the Mac counter sold to me a slightly darker shade. At first I was a bit stumped, but then I decided to use it for what it's actually meant for and that's to conceal the darker areas on my face and cover my under-eye bag.

The packaging was not what I expected. For the life of me, I had always thought the product had a wand inside, only for me to open it and see that its a pump. Due to the fact that it's a pump and the bottle's quite tiny, one has to be very careful when pressing down. The best way to apply this concealer onto your face is with your middle finger. Just pump carefully onto your middle finger, then push into your skin.


I'll give the packaging 8/10. I've gotten quite used to the packaging, but note that if not careful, the product spurts everywhere and I've had to change my top a couple of times. So be aware of that. Another problem I have is that, I can't open the product, so which I'm bummed about as this means I won't be able to use the last few bits stuck at the bottom of the bottle.

 The size is just 9ml, which I'm guessing is the average weight of a normal concealer so that's that about that. Since it's an high-end product, it is expected that the product will be quite pricey, but at least it's got good coverage and stays on your face all day so I think it is worth the price.

As you can see, I'm super happy with my purchase. I have been using this concealer religiously since I got them, because it's just so good. I would love to know what you think of this concealer if you already have one and if you have any MAC item on your wish list at the moment. Let me know in the comments down below and also let me know of any concealer you feel it's a staple in your collection.

Saturday, 8 April 2017


Hey guys! It's Temilorun from Hadedeevah's Lifestyle here. Today, I'll be sharing with you my holy grail makeup products. the products i selected, are items which I know will always walk for me. They've all been well tried and tested by me and I will always repurchase these products.

I'll start with the primer, since that's the first thing I apply during my routine. I chose the Kiko Milano Perfect base corrector because this smooths my pores and helps to keep me shine free during the day.  This is the second tube I'll be using and I'm almost out of this one.

For the foundation I'm picking two items. One is the MAC Matchmaster Foundation. this foundation is perfect for oily faced gals. The coverage is so good that one coat is enough for the whole face.
While the other is the Black Opal stick Foundation. This also has great coverage, the only problem is that I tend to get oily later in the day, but I don't mind because it does a wonderful job despite it's price range.

My favourite concealer is a no-brainer especially for deep skin ladies. I use the L.A Girl concealer, to colour correct, highlight, conceal and  contour. It's quite creamy, has got great coverage and is quite cheap so therefore it's a win-win.

Moving on to the eyes, for eyeshadow I have just one holy grail item and that's the Anastasia Beverely Hills Shadow Couture World Traveller Palette. From the image below, you can see how well loved the palette really is. It's a pity that the palette was a limited edition, but I'm hoping some of the eyeshadows can be purchased individually, because I'm hitting pan on about half of the shadows in the palette.

For Eyebrows, I have here the Mac Eyebrow Pencil in Stud. This is my third one, so this has definitely hit the holy grail status.
The mascara that made this list is the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Retro Glam. It's the most volumnizing mascara I own, and as someone who does not really use Faux Eyelashes, this mascara is a must for me.

My favourite eyeliners are the gel kind. I prefer the gel ones because it's easier to apply and with an angled brush, I'm able to easily wing out my eyeliner. I have four different brand of gel eyeliner to share with you due to the fact that they are of different colours. The navy blue is Jean by Zaron; the green is Jade by Zaron; the black is by ELF; while the other black is by Rimmel.

For Powders, I've got two favourites, one pressed and the other a loose powder. The pressed powder is the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Dark Deep. This powder is loved by almost everyone in the beauty world. If you're someone who applies a lot of product on your face, then the Mineralize Skinfinish is perfect because the powder is not too heavy and so does not leave a cakey skin behind.
The loose powder is the Black Opal powder in Deep. This is a good setting powder and has great coverage. I use this everyday to set my face. This powder is similar in application to the Sacha Buttercup and Laura Mercier, but way cheaper.

Finally, for lips I have decided to put into three categories; reds, purples and nudes because I can't simply stick to just one. For Reds I have, Backstage by L.A Girl, Plum Please by Maybelline Color Blur and Zoe's Red by L'Oreal.

For Purples I have, Rebel by L.A Glam, Tejuosho by House of Tara and Matte Glam by Maybelline.

For the Nudes I have, Nehanda by House of Tara, Taupe by MAC and Liar by Urban Decay Cosmetics.

So there you have it guys, these are my holy grail makeup product of all time and I do absolutely recommend each and every item mentioned in this post. Thank you all for your time, I have enjoyed sharing my favourite products with you all.  

Study Abroad #1 - Applying To Universities.

Hello guys, I decided to start up a new series detailing my journey to studying abroad. I will be starting my master’s degree ...